One of the greatest things about CIS Insurance is that we have been able to build and maintain long-term relationships with many of our best customers for years at a time. We treat every customer as the unique individual they are and take an approach that will help us to meet their needs.


We have become Utah’s best insurance agency for one reason: We care.


We contract with all of the best insurance companies to offer you a full range of home, car, life, and other insurance opportunities. But we don’t stop at these common types of insurance. We reach into not only business insurance but other less conventional programs to make sure that all of your insurance needs are met.


By staying on the cutting edge of superior customer service and always working on ways to improve ourselves, we are able to offer experienced, friendly insurance agents who are invested in your future success and assurance.


We Work Hard to Take Care of Your American Fork Insurance Needs

For all of the things that you can’t control, American Fork insurance takes care of you. We know that you work hard to take care of your home and family, but you can’t always cover everything. You have worked hard to create and earn the comfortable lifestyle you now live. We work just as hard to protect what matters to you.


Because we work closely with the industry’s top insurance companies, we can assess your options side by side to help you to make the right decision without forcing you to go through the same set of questions on several different sites. We want you to get affordable plans that also come with superior service and a skilled staff trained to tailor all plans to your needs so that we can always be here when you need us.


Don’t Wait Til It’s Too Late; Sign Up for American Fork Insurance Now

We have all heard the horrible stories of loss that people just didn’t anticipate. The Eastern United States was devastated multiple times by storms they simply didn’t see coming. The worst part is that standard insurance in that area of the country didn’t cover their losses.


For those who signed up for extra coverage after the first time with the right insurance company, it was easy to move on and repair the damage. However, for those who simply thought that it would never happen again, a single storm tore apart their homes, their cars, and their lives. They were forced to rely on FEMA and other built-in alternatives. They did not have the quick response of a reliable insurance company.


So while we will most likely never face the issues that New York, New Jersey, and other Eastern states have, you should never wait until after disaster has hit to contact American Fork insurance for all of your insurance needs.