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Do I need insurance for my boat or other water sport vehicles?

In Utah, motorboats and personal watercraft are required to carry owner’s or operator’s liability insurance when operated on Utah waters.  There are some exemptions, more information can be found on the Utah.gov website.

While Boat insurance requirements and exemptions vary by state, it’s in your best interest to speak with a boat insurance agent to review your exposures and liabilities.

What are the types of insurance coverage for a watercraft?

  • Liability Insurance: After an accident, you may be found at fault for the property damage and personal injuries incurred.
  • Boat Insurance:
    • Collision: In the event that your boat is damaged in a collision, this coverage will help with repairs.
    • Comprehensive: This coverage will protect your investment for damages that are not collision related, such as theft & vandalism.
    • Towing: Towing a boat can get expensive. In the event of your boat becoming inoperable on the water, this coverage can help with the costs incurred.

What are some of the additions I can make to a policy?

  • Salvage Insurance: This coverage is one that pays to remove your boat, due to damage.
  • Specialized Insurance: This policy option is used for a wide range of applications.  Many boat owners will maintain specialized equipment on their vessel, from unique navigation equipment, to a particular expensive propeller.  This coverage is for that specific item, or items.
  • Cruising Extension: If you are planning on leaving the United States with your boat, you can opt into this temporary, additional coverage for greater protection.
  • Fishing Equipment, Toys, Skis, Etc.

Special considerations for boats and watercraft in Utah:

In Utah, boat insurance must be kept, as with motor vehicles, on board the motorboat whenever it is in operation.  You may be required to show proof of insurance to state officials, and it will be required in the event of an accident.